BSCCROP: Business Services Ecosystem Built on the Binance SmartChain

2 min readMar 31, 2021

As of March 2021, there are over 9,000 different cryptocurrencies in existence. The global cryptocurrency market is currently $1.86 Trillion dollars. With the rise of a multitude of new opportunities, both blockchain and business professionals are clamoring to take advantage of the rich opportunities that the space provides. Safe and secure team development, service offerings and new project creation are all areas primed for growth. Blockchain and business professionals need a one-stop-shop to leverage all of the services they need and make their dreams a reality.

Project Launch in April 2021

BSCCROP is the 1st Business Services Ecosystem Designed to Launch Blockchain Start-ups

BSCCROP will provide a business services ecosystem that includes a virtual co-working platform that will drive decentralized innovation and collaboration for blockchain start-ups. BSCCROP will also provide a project launchpad and offer guaranteed allocation opportunities for stakers of the token. In addition, the ecosystem will offer staking and farming for users. The deflationary aspects of the token such as the 1% burn on transactions, will promote value creation and greater token utility for holders as well.

The Future

Our vision is to create an environment that takes the user from idea to token launch. Both business and blockchain professionals will now have an environment to provide services and cultivate projects all in one place. Reputation scores similar to the structure used by Uber will allow users to collaborate and request services safely. Our purpose is to eliminate barriers that impact innovative leaders that are entering the blockchain industry.

Benefits of Binance Smart Chain

Low fees was a key reason why we decided to launch on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC). It only takes 20 GWEI to make a fast transaction. In addition, the week over week growth of unique wallet users increased by 13.4%, while the Ethereum network unique wallets grew by less than 1%. The number of new projects and low transaction fees have resulted in an influx of new users on the Binance Smart Chain. Currently, BSC number of unique wallets is 135 times smaller than Ethereum unique wallets, which provides Binance Smart Chain users with an opportunity to participate in a growing ecosystem which is more cost effective and less congested.

In short, we believe that BSCCROP will help offer a dynamic and secure option for innovators seeking a decentralized ecosystem to build the next technologically disruptive project. BSCCROP will simultaneously provide greater token utility and network access for innovators designed to improve their success.

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The 1st Business Services Ecosystem Designed to Launch Blockchain Start-ups